Web Applications

Web applications need to be agile, scalable, and robust to ensure they are successful in the long run, which in turn guarantees the smooth functioning of one’s business. This is also why one needs to develop a custom application compared to procuring off the shelf solution to limit the amount of time required for training business process not relevant to the business.

What we offer ?

While developing custom applications we develop interfaces that interact with other Legacy systems thereby helping our clients from the burden of managing multiple databases. Cloud solutions that we offer are highly scalable to meet a potential ever-growing customer base while at the same time, we take necessary precautions to keep the application and it’s data, secure in a cloud space. We do custom coding in PHP under several of it's frameworks, like Laravel, Symfony, CodeIgnitor, CakePHP to name a few. Python is another programming language that we use along with it’s own set of frameworks. Server-side coding to help build these web applications is an important area of our expertise, for which we use Javascript and Node.js. Database level creation and updation are inclusive of these projects in MySQL, Postgre SQL, Oracle etc. Our solutions are mainly used for Enterprise Resource Planning, Customer Relationship Management, Project Management & Learning Management Systems, etc.