Testing Services

Identification and rectification of errors that occurred during any stage of the software development is important so as to maintain the integrity and reliability of the final product. It is especially important when the project cycle involves an agile approach and regular changes are required, as this requires regular cross verification, and to find if the end result is as it is intended.

What we offer ?

We have a highly professional Quality Assurance (QA) team with the prime focus of providing end to end inspection of the application through our cutting edge testing process. This involves Functional testing which is carried out to ensure that the software application is working precisely as per the requirement specification. Functional testing is generally a black box testing with no concern over source code and is tested by providing appropriate input and verifying the output, and also comparing the actual results with the expected results. We also do Security testing, Regression testing and Performance testing during different stages of the project cycle, to ensure all the parameters and met when the final output is delivered.