Ecommerce Solutions

Conducting business via the internet has been growing at a tremendous pace, with multiple payment solutions and options available out there. The real challenge always lies on which of these options to choose, to be linked to an Ecommerce module, which has to be compatible with each other, easy to use, and most of all safe and secure in each of the step. Creating a custom solution is also not something that one should take likely so as to avoid the risk of being labelled 'unsecure'.

What we offer ?

We leave no stones unturned to ensure we have a totally secure application, with any and all sensitive information encrypted and stored on a secure space, which ensures you as well as your customers to conduct safe business transaction online. Our Ecommerce solutions are backed with Stock management system which helps the business to monitor in real time on the availability of products. We have the right skill set to develop E-commerce solutions for businesses in any platform with custom layout designs, payment gateway integration, shopping cart development, web based reporting and many more based on client interest. Tricta Technologies makes it easy to create a beautiful, engaging shopping experience. And your store won’t just look good — we’ve built in all the latest features and best practices for better search rankings, faster page loads and higher conversion.