Web hosting support

We offer customized support to our diverse range of clients, as certain customers requires assistance 24x7 whereas others are only particular about assistance during certain time of the day. We extend our support to our client through help desk, chat assistance and phone assistance. As the online business is ever growing, we offer variety of progressive hosting services to our clients which includes shared web hosting, dedicated web hosting virtual private server hosting.

In shared hosting, multiple applications are hosted on a server shared by other parties. Shared hosting will be cheaper as the cost of the server is shared between other parties who are using the server. However shared web hosting may prone to poor performance due to shared bandwidth.

In Virtual private server hosting, multiple servers are simulated on a single main server. The resources of the main server are splitted based on allocated percentage for each client. Although each client can use only the allocated server resources, the privacy and security is high as compared to shared hosting. This kind of hosting is very much suitable for businesses that has steady internet traffic.We help businesses to easily scale up the resources available to the server instantly.

In dedicated hosting, an entire server will be made available for your need. Dedicated server hosting offers high performance as all of the server resources are being allocated for your own need. The freedom of customization is high for dedicated hosting as decision to choose memory type, OS type and hardware elements are only vested on you.