Testing Services

Software Testing

Identification and rectification of errors that occurred during software development is important so as to maintain the integrity and reliability of software application. Software Testing will also help to identify errors and gap in requirement which get penetrated during the development phase. We have highly potential Quality Assurance (QA) team with prime focus of providing end to end inspection of the application through our cutting edge testing process.

Functional Testing

Functional testing is carried out to ensure that the software application is working precisely as per the requirement specification. Functional testing is generally a black box testing with no concern over source code and is tested by providing appropriate input and verifying the output, and also comparing the actual results with the expected results.

Performance Testing

Performance testing is carried out to understand the quality attributes of the system such as speed, stability, robustness, scalability and responsiveness in varied load conditions. If the system is launching without measuring the capacity to manage the concurrent users, it will result in poor or no usability of the application thereby losing the reputation of the client. Different types of performance testing that we conduct to test the performance of the system are, stress testing, load testing, soak testing and spike testing.

Regression Testing

Due to new requirement addition or modification, alteration are made in the software program. Through regression testing services our QA team makes sure that program codes are still functional with the new changes. We use automation tools to carry out regression testing as same test is carried out repeatedly to identify defects during each modification.

Security Testing

Security testing is a non-functional testing process to check whether the application is secured and is not vulnerable to attacks. Authentication, availability, authorization, confidentiality and integrity of the application is verified through security testing. The intention of security testing is to capture any security risks in the system and help developers in fixing these problems through coding. We carry out vulnerability scanning, security scanning, penetration testing, risk assessment, security auditing, ethical hacking and posture assessment as a part of our security testing services.