Mobile application

Today mobile phone has become an inevitable part of people’s lifestyle. Business are aware of the fact that a large customer base can be tackled by introducing mobile applications.Tricta technologies are there to assist the businesses to penetrate into mobile phone customer base.

At Tricta Technologies we materialize your business ideas into user friendly mobile applications. We have proficient app developers who are well experience in developing mobile application across iOS, android and Windows. Our mobile app team is capable of developing native as well as hybrid mobile applications based on client interest.

In hybrid mobile application, we use mobile native Browsers (webView) which are designed using HTML, CSS and JavaScript and bind into native application using frameworks like cordova. With hybrid development, we require only a single development effort to provide mobile application across multiple platforms( iOS, Android).

For best performance and responsiveness, we offer our clients with native mobile apps developed in Swift( native iOS), java( native android) and C#( native Windows). We use development tools offered by apple and Google to build native apps in iOS and Android. Phone features such as camera, microphone, swipe gestures can be accessed with much more ease in native mobile apps.