Email Service

Business Email

We provide business email to our clients with their business name as domain name thereby providing a professional touch to their business and let multiple users connected. Through business email solution, we offer extensive set of mail features to boost our client’s online business branding. Moreover business can have complete control over the user’s email activity thereby securing sensitive information. There is provision to assign mailbox quotas and add new mailbox based on based on business needs.Our dedicated IT team can assist businesses in monitoring and administering mail server.

Spam Filter

Email spams are bulk mail which are not requested by the recipient send to large user group with the identity of the sender is concealed. Restricting the spam mails are important to ensure the performance and security to email service. Through our efficient spam filter we detect spontaneous and undesired emails from reaching user’s mailbox.

Relay Host

In order to maintain high internet security, all the mailboxes need to be managed under the Firewall. In such cases, an email relay host should need to be established to access the mailbox server form the internet. We support business in setting up email relay host that ensures the following:

  • Forward the mail to mailbox host after processing the incoming SMTP-mail
  • Allow mail from only defined domain and restrict the rest
  • Receive mail from all host and deliver it directly to receipents on the internet